Why Star?

Star Communications, Inc. is a leading global provider of enterprise mobility solutions, including device lifecycle management, global wireless fulfillment, global deployment, and support solutions to companies ranging from SMB to the Fortune 2500.

  • Support a full product mix that includes everything from wireless accessories, mobile devices, tablets, wireless cards, IoT Solutions, and MiFi 's across multiple mobile platforms.
  • Manage and deploy Mobile Device Management Software, Secure Hosted Exchange, GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions, Satellite Phones, Endpoint Backup, Mobile Disaster Recovery and other mobility solutions.
  • Capability to directly activate onto carriers' networks, fulfill national agreement terms and conditions, and offer client support enhancements beyond the scope of the individual carrier.
  • Global Master Dealer agreements with the world's largest carriers.

Analyze your monthly billing

We combine powerful analytics, proven auditing processes, and online access to give you visibility into every detail of your mobile spending.

Optimize now

Mobile Device Management

We get to know your unique requirements to deliver a complete mobile management solution — one that helps you control costs and make more confident decisions across the enterprise.

Mobile Security & Compliance

Star will assist with ensuring Mobile Device Security, Policies and Compliance in the Workplace.

Mobile Device Deployment

Star will customize a turnkey solution to deploy, configure, and enroll employee mobile devices in clients Mobile Device Management Software.

Mobility Expense Management

Star will identify optimal strategies and allocate costs to ensure you're getting the most effective and affordable wireless expense management service.

24 x 7 Global Help Desk

Our services will help you to regain control over your user support and give you the freedom to focus your IT staff on their core competencies.

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

With data, we will reveal optimizations that will help you capture dramatic savings. Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions offer an integrated approach for both mobile and fixed telecom.

Our Partners