Use a MiFi on the go

Use a MiFi on the go


Need to access mobile data but don’t trust the security of hotel, café, or airport public Wi-Fi? A MiFi is a secure, portable broadband router that enables multiple devices to share a single mobile broadband connection. You can also use it while on the train, in a car, or other transportation vehicles.

How it works is that the MiFi taps into 4G mobile phone networks and uses this cellular connection to create a wireless broadband hotspot; which can then be shared between mobile devices—such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets—that are within range of its signal.

Contact your employer to provide you with a MiFi for business travels. With access to multiple carriers, Star Communications, Inc. can provide your company with the best MiFi’s for your company’s travel plans and can also ensure your mobile devices are enabled with the correct international roaming features.

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