Star will lead you through all aspects of mobility expense management — from inventory and procurement to optimization and reporting. Star will identify optimal strategies and allocate costs to ensure you're getting the most effective and affordable wireless expense management service.

  • Improved Asset Management: Learn how every device is used. Track, analyze and update your complete telecom inventory so you will know when it is time to make changes that affect the bottom line.

  • Insightful Reporting: Access dozens of standard and customized reports — from enterprise level to individual line charges to call-level details — are designed to give complete and comprehensive analysis of your total spend.

  • Increased Visibility: Star provides its customers with detailed user data which allows them to budget more accurately, reduce cost, & identify trends.

  • Easy Access for All: Employees and managers get dashboards for anywhere, anytime access to telecom information. Screen customizations allow each employee to see only what is important per their role.

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We combine powerful analytics, proven auditing processes, and online access to give you visibility into every detail of your mobile spending.

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